Asbestos Management Derbyshire

Asbestos Management Derbyshire


Are you worried that your home contains asbestos? Perhaps you have concerns that various construction materials in your commercial or industrial premises have the toxic fibres insulating them?


If you’re looking for asbestos management in Derbyshire, one name you can trust is J.S. Environmental. We are a company that is skilled at identifying, removing, and encapsulating asbestos-bearing materials from all kinds of properties across the county.


Our team of experts is both qualified and experienced at identifying and handling all types of construction materials that contain asbestos. Examples include insulation boards, roof sheets, guttering, floor tiles, ropes, and gaskets.


Is my property likely to contain asbestos?


There is no real way of knowing whether a home or building has asbestos without carrying out intrusive tests on various construction materials used in it.


The good news is that asbestos got outlawed in the UK back in 1999. So, if your property got built since that year, it is highly unlikely to contain toxic asbestos fibres in the building materials used in it.


However, there is a risk that older homes and buildings may contain some asbestos. Of course, you can’t tell for sure without having a survey carried out. If you are planning some major renovation to your property soon, or you want to demolish it, you need to get an asbestos survey carried out first.


That way, any unsafe materials can be safely and carefully extracted or encapsulated before you continue. J.S. Environmental is a company that offers a full suite of services relating to asbestos management in Derbyshire.


We can carry out detailed and intrusive surveys, and test samples taken from them to determine whether they do indeed contain asbestos or not. We also provide asbestos removal services and are fully qualified and licensed to do so.


Is asbestos safe it if is undisturbed?


One positive thing to note about asbestos is that it is harmless if the material surrounding it is undisturbed. Still, if you want to virtually guarantee minimal risk to human health, we also offer a cost-effective encapsulation service.


In a nutshell, the service involves coating any materials containing asbestos with a rubber-like solution. It effectively works as a barrier and seal and is also useful for materials that are damaged and have visible asbestos fibres.


Where is asbestos likely to be found?


Before the use of asbestos fibres in building materials got banned in the UK, it was common for asbestos-containing products to be used almost everywhere. They have been found in places such as:


  • Homes;

  • Shops;

  • Factories;

  • Educational institutions;

  • Shipyards; and

  • Warehouses.


Some parts of the UK, such as Glasgow, Barking, Dagenham, and Portsmouth, are most likely to contain homes and buildings with asbestos.


I suspect that my property contains asbestos. What should I do now?


Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place! If you need asbestos management in Derbyshire, J.S. Environmental can assist you. Our fully-trained professionals can carry out site surveys and safely remove or encapsulate any asbestos at your premises.


Contact us today to find out how we can help you.