Asbestos Surveys Derbyshire

Asbestos Surveys Derbyshire


In the UK, it is likely that many homes and buildings constructed before 1999 contained asbestos in their construction materials. These days, it is illegal to use asbestos building materials. One of the issues with asbestos, apart from the obvious danger to human health, is that it’s a mineral used in a broad range of products.


Unfortunately, asbestos isn’t something that is easily seen by the naked eye. When it is naturally occurring, the silicate materials that comprise asbestos are in fibrous form and get used along with other materials. For the most part, those other construction items tend to hide the presence of asbestos; that’s because they get used as insulation.


When it comes to identifying these toxic fibrous materials, asbestos surveys in Derbyshire give homeowners and commercial property owners an insight into how much asbestos they’ve got in their building materials.


Why you need asbestos surveys in Derbyshire


It’s almost impossible to tell if something got made with asbestos fibres without destroying part of the material in question to find out. As you can appreciate, asbestos becomes deadly when it is inhaled and is the primary cause of mesothelioma (a type of cancer).


It goes without saying that homeowners and building owners should not attempt to identify whether their properties contain asbestos alone. Instead, it makes sense to invest in asbestos surveys in Derbyshire.


They are surveys that get carried out by licensed and qualified industry professionals. J. S. Environmental Limited is the leading provider of asbestos surveys in Derbyshire and is backed by a team of experienced and skilled experts.


Asbestos surveys are needed for any renovation or demolition work, particularly on properties where neighbouring homes and buildings also contain the harmful silicate materials.


What do asbestos surveys in Derbyshire entail?


There is no real way of telling whether a building material such as insulation or even old concrete guttering contains asbestos without doing an intrusive survey. What this means is we need to destroy part of the material to examine its construction composition.


J.S. Environmental is Derbyshire’s go-to company for domestic, commercial, and residential asbestos surveys. Our team of experts will perform extensive tests, where reasonably possible, to determine how much (if any) asbestos is on your property.

When we carry out asbestos surveys, we take away several samples of materials likely to contain the minerals. Once we do that, we test the samples to determine whether asbestos fibres are present or not. And should your home or building contain it, we can offer numerous options for the removal or encapsulation of those materials.


Why use J.S. Environmental?


We are a team of experienced asbestos surveying and removal professionals. All our staff are fully qualified and undergo regular health and safety training for both their safety and that of our clients.


J.S. Environmental is also fully licensed, giving you peace of mind that you are working with legitimate industry professionals.


If you would like to enquire about our asbestos surveying services, please call J.S. Environmental on 01629 534158.